Hitting the
"Stock Block"

The equivalent of "writer's block" for image seekers.

You’ve looked for hours, you can’t find the right one, it doesn’t have the “right” look. Omg what is that? Too expensive... More of the same... Boring. Curses. Help!


 Death to Stock is a resource, belief system, and call to action for artists around the world who unite in their journeys to make their own way.

Our mission is to resource the creatives with tools they can use for their projects, teach them what we know, and consistently fuel them.

We believe that everyone can be an artist, because being an artist is an approach to your craft rather than a title you acquire.

We pursue this mission because isolation, inequality, and scarce resources lead us to remove humanity from our art. “Stock” is as much a programmed mentality as it is a category of media.

Death to Stock is not concerned with quantity. Our focus is a member-based experience that shows up to push you into the future with fresh media, education, and direction.

Let’s make something together.


New Age of Work: Goods

Featured Free Photo Pack

For this pack, Alexander Tan and Bailey Julio teamed up to produce a set of images based on the future of work. A future in which we move project to project in a fluid manner, where we break constraints of the present, and where our creativity shines as the value that we give to the world.


+ Professional AND Human.

“Oh, this is different.”

When everything looks the same, Death to Stock consistently creates non-scripted media from real stories that you can feel and not just see.


+ Affordable, predictable pricing.

“No questions here.”

If your work is all about changing, adapting and making edits on the fly, you don’t want to worry about which content you’ve paid for. Premium members get access to our full, unlimited-download-library, all starting at $15/month.

+ One Simple License.

“It’s always accessible.”

Every image and media element we produce has the same simple license, so there’s no guessing, confusion or worry. All of our media is produced by Death to Stock and cleared by Death to Stock. Who’s got time for long legalese?

How it works

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The Graveyard is a small sampling of our past work.
(Some is still available, if you catch it in time).

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How would you describe Death to Stock at a party?
"Death to Stock photos are like the chocolate chip cookies that your Grandma makes. No one else makes them quite the same, or as good, and the love is literally baked right in." – Emily
"To me, Death to Stock Photo raises the bar of stock imagery to an art form. It is a step above, curated art that designers wish they could create projects around instead of finding the image that best fits the project." – Jessica
" DTS is the guy that brings the premium beer and never expects anything in return, just because he loves talking about how much he loves it and wants you to explore new things. I love that guy. " – Chase
"DTS is like a digital eyecandy drug dealer who never charges and only has your best interests at heart." – Annie
"You're not a member of DTS!? How is that even possible? They are my secret weapon. " – Mick
"A community of creators who care about quality, even when it comes to ~internet content~" – Aysha
"The cure to stock photography burnout." – Jessica
"It's like doing a Google image search but actually finding what you felt you were looking for." – Mark
"DTS replaces the office-bound robots of stock photography with real people. Who go to real places. And take real pictures. Real good pictures." – Jacob
"Captivating imagery presents in my inbox monthly. Couldn't live without it." – Rachel