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How does it work?

With each subscription, we offer a variety of content that gets delivered to you at different intervals, starting with immediate access to our existing database of over 2,000 assets. With your premium membership, you’ll always have something new to look forward to.

By going premium, you’ll instantly access our existing library of 2,000+ killer photos and 7+ video packs. These sit in our intuitive web app that makes searching through our media a breeze.

Every Month

Our photo packs are a delivery of ~25-30 new images, produced in a theme, added to our library every month.

These come alongside stories from the artist, hired to create exclusive media for DTS premium members. 

Every 4 Months

Video content is on the rise. We work with up and coming videographers to produce film clips for you to use. These arrive right into your app every quarter, so you can get to making stuff ASAP.

Every 6 Months

We hate when things get stale, so we are always experimenting with new content types for our tribe. Icons, fonts, inspiration, quirky graphics, anything that helps you flex your artist mind.


Back to the future

Good art isn’t static, it’s evolving. We produce and release our work every month and then challenge ourselves to start over at the beginning again with new themes, new limits and ideas for our premium members. Note: many of our ideas for what gets produced next come directly from the tribe, so when you sign up you have your voice heard.

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When billed annually or $15 month to month

Perfect for individuals looking to create unique work over and over again without breaking the bank.


Access to our image archive of over 2,000 assets ready to use


Premium photo packs sent to your email every month (25-30 images)


Mystery pack with multimedia (graphics, audio, etc) every 6 months



When billed annually or $35 month to month

Selling work to clients? Using DTSP with your team? Help your work stand out and save time in your business.


Access to our image archive of over 2,000 assets ready to use


Premium photo packs sent to your email every month (25-30 images)


Mystery pack with multimedia (graphics, audio, etc) every 6 months


Sell our images in your projects to clients under our agency license

If you are a nonprofit or a social enterprise please reach out.
We reserve a few scholarships each month for you wonderful people.
What The Tribe Is Making
Matte Black
David Chapman
Fresh by Sian
Caleb Vanden Boom
Proud Creative
Modern Nerd
What the Internet is Saying


We’re doing our best to make our photos under one simple license. We know it can be hard to understand these, so we’ve written it in as plain english as we could. (OR read the full license or email us at if you have more questions!)


(frequently asked questions, yooooo)

Are there limits to how I can use your photos?

All of our media is under one simple license, and is commercially available at any size. We do, however, we prefer that you not use our photos for evil.

We do have some small legal requests,
you can read more about them by  Clicking here .

What if I sign in and don't find something for my needs?

We’d like to think there’s at least 100x value in our library for your membership, however if our media doesn’t scratch your creative itch we’ll refund you, no questions asked (within 7 days of signing up).

What is the difference between your free and Premium products?

Our free membership is a sampling of our media, alongside community initatives and is limited to email.

Our premium membership is a media library you can login to anytime, that hosts our searchable archive of everything we’ve ever produced and new media added each month that is exlusive to premium members.

Do you have other kinds of media beside photos?

In short, yes.

While we are currently focused on photos, we have been experimenting with video and have added 25+ clips to our platform. See video examples here.

We are always looking to up our Premium experience, even beyond photos — we’ve released a custom typeface, as well as a range of templates and design assets.


Can I cancel my membership any time?

NO! Once you sign-up your soul and credit card belong to us. FOREVER.
lol, jk.

Of course you can cancel. We know life and creative needs evolve. If you do leave we’ll give you a virtual hug and wish you the best. If/when you’re ready to come back, we’ll be here.

Why is DTS Premium different from other “stock” sites?

DTS is different for a variety of reasons.


  • All our photos are Death to Stock originals and shot by professional creatives. This control allows us to ensure the highest quality and to experiment.
  • All of our media falls under one simple license.
  • We add new media every month, but your price stays the same.
  • We produce our media based on community feedback.


Here’s a few quotes from customers:


“There’s something not as scripted, something more “human” to the photos that I think matters.”

“It looks professional, but it doesn’t look staged.”

“The fact that there is new refreshing content pretty regularly is really exciting.”

“It’s freeing up a lot of time. There’s a dozen things that everyone is in charge of taking care of throughout the week, and sadly going out and getting content, is not high on the priority list. Having that around saves a bunch of time for us.”


Shout out to all the other sites doing their thang, but we’re the only ones creating the Death to Stock way. Namaste.