Writers Prompt : No. 10


My mother — my maker — is a phenomenal woman.

She left her native England at 22 for a solo trek to the US, with a one way ticket, a bright blue suitcase, and an unquenchable thirst for adventure.

She’s a nurse, a researcher, a world traveler, an amazing chef, a beloved friend, and a mom who raised 3 hoodlums with a firm hand and tender love.

No matter how crazy her work day, there was always a home-cooked dinner on the table, and lunches packed for us every morning. She’s never asked me to tone down a single goal, and has helped me carry myself through life’s bumps and scrapes and roadblocks. She’s taught me commitment, devotion, and strength. She’s the love of my father’s life, and the guiding light of mine.

We should celebrate the powerful women in our lives, on National Women’s Day, and every day.


Which brings us to prompt #10: Describe a woman in your life who has impacted you deeply.

It may not necessarily be your mother, or partner, or relative, or even someone you know personally. But her effect runs deep, and her influence is a force that ripples throughout your life and decisions.

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