Writer's Prompt No. 13 -What's In 
The Bag & Where are you going?



Writers Prompt #13 — What’s in the bag? And where are you going?

Do you have a “go bag”, writers? What would be in it if you did? And where would the winds take you?

PS: Hillary shared “Behind the Scenes of the Death to Stock Writing Prompts” on our blog week. Click here to check out our creation process, and pick up some extra-awesome bonus prompts. <3


As a squad of travel lovers, DTS has been chatting about the idea of “go-bags” lately.

It seems less and less we wander. It seems less and less that we take a path on a whim, and see where it takes us.

In a world where we’ll check Yelp before even setting foot on a strange street, it’s difficult to detangle ourselves from the digital opinions we allow to decide our journey. But it’s not impossible.

(One practice is as simple as NOT using your phone to find the nearest diner or coffee shop. Just wander and see what sparks your interest, or talk to locals — it’s a great excuse.)

A friend of mine has everything you’d need for a spontaneous picnic in their trunk at all times. Wine, glasses, binoculars, and a large blanket. Who says you can’t just pull over and sit in a field wherever you feel inspired?

On our Twitter, we recently shared “Always have a bag packed, just in case.” And it made us curious about your spontaneous trips.

Have you gone on an adventure at the drop of a hat?

Do you want to?

What do you/would you keep in your “go bag”?



Beat up journal.

Fave headphones.


Lucky bottle cap.


(Leave the laptop at home.)

And where would you head at a moment’s notice?

The wilds of New Zealand?

The heat & color of Bali?

The iron & bustle of New York city?

Today you’re going on an adventure, writers. Tell us what’s in your bag, and where you’re headed.

(Bonus if you include a photo!)