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Have you ever felt like the color you wear changes how you feel?

I met up with local style blogger Tiffany Ima to create this latest set, and after a few hours with her, I’m convinced it has an effect. She’s got her palettes down, and we’ve included some of her fun inspirational quotes in the set cropped for Instagram.

After years of a monochromatic wardrobe, I’m rethinking about the energy, fake or real, that can can come with bright objects in your life. 

Next time you’re yawnin’, bring some vibrancy into the day and see how it changes you.

David from Death to Stock

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David is co-founder of Death to Stock. Find him on Instagram @brandswell or at the coffee shop talking with creatives.

PS: How does the color you wear affect your life? Are there any colors that you love the most? Are there any that are your "lucky" colors?