It's hard to get rid of something.

We own objects we love, objects that create clutter, and objects that feel like they are part of us. No matter their purpose, it’s hard to part with them.

Both Allie and I began the journey of decluttering our apartments this week using the Marie Kondo method, which is this new-agey, fun, event-style method for identifying items you no longer need.


Here are all of David’s books on his floor before the sort and donation. 

During this process, we’ve learned about ourselves by really seeing all the objects that we own.

We’ve found there’s a reason for loving one pair of shoes more than another. You can tell by the way you feel when putting the shoes on. You feel joy, or security, or that you’re ready to take on the world.

We’ve seen how objects can contribute to your daily uniform, like glasses, a white shirt and a watch. You know that when you’ve got those objects with you, you feel more complete.


We keep some objects because they hold memories.  That medium format camera might be the hardest to give up, but sometimes is the most worth keeping. They remind you of your old home, or a time before new tech, or your even your mom.

Some objects teach us lessons. Plants teach us about space and can transform a home into a retreat. Plants inspire to you open the windows to let more sunlight into your bedroom.  *breathes fresh air* Thank you, plants!

When your home is clean, you’re left to only do the things you want to do, and be more of who you want to be.

What do the objects that you own say about you?