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We helped Kay reunite with an old love which allowed her to meet and photograph others while doing what they love.

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I started practicing photography when I was in college, and then I stopped for a few years. It felt so good to be reunited with a camera again. There’s something in shooting photographs that makes me feel alive – you get the chance to reach out to people, make them feel something by sharing your work and they get to see things in a different perspective through your eyes.

I’ve always enjoyed food, prop and space styling. Shooting the pack didn’t feel like any work at all! I had tons of fun sourcing for new props and surfaces, scouting locations, and even fixing the tiniest details.


When David & Allie asked me if there’s a project or a campaign I’d like to work on, or something that I’ve been meaning to produce, that would also help me develop my passion and/or career, I thought of this project. I told them I wanted to start an advocacy campaign of some sort – photos that would help people understand something bigger. A few weeks into research and Shoes To Fill was born. I was thrilled when Death To Stock approved my proposal, which means I’ll be able to do a project that could inspire and encourage people to appreciate each other more, through my chosen profession/field. Funds provided by Death To Stock helped me gather both new and old props I can use in recreating each set-up. From ceramics to surfaces to shoot on (which I can still use for upcoming projects), fresh flowers to rentals and transportation. Oh, and some mini pancake bribe for my nephew (who by the way posed for a few shots).


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