Kelly Knowles

We sent Kelly to Moab on a cycling trip of his dreams.


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When I was 13 and living in Ohio, I had stacks of mountain bike magazines with epic photos of amazing trails, but it was Moab that especially stuck out to me.

And when you’re 13 in Ohio, those places are kind of really far away you know?

A lot of time has passed since then, countless hours on the bike, and I’ve done a decent bit of traveling. For some reason I had still never made it out to Moab. I have a lot of goals in life that I’ve designated for “someday.”

As I get older, I get increasingly scared of “someday” turning into “never.”

That’s why this trip was important to me. It was about taking “someday and making it “to-day”. I remembered that 13-year old self when I hit “checkout” on the airline website. Then I threw a bunch of stuff and my camera in a bag and said, “we’ll rent bikes when we get there.” I knocked one thing off my bucket list, and believe me, I’ve got more where that came from.


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