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As our work evolves rapidly into the future, our options diversify, and a new way of working emerges.


Diversity of skillset:  

Multiple income streams becomes the norm. As networks for collaboration open up, we find it easier to take on large scale projects with dozens of collaborators distributed across the earth, each chipping away at the project in a variety of payscales and performance.

Co-workers turn to collaborators: 

Opportunities open and close like circuits in a network. Projects need energy to move forward, and you tap the right sources for each component.


Efficiency over blocked time:  

We remove the arbitrary nature of blocks oftime for work performance. Invented during the industrial revolution, this time constraint no longer serves our best work. Instead, we opt for a variety of working methods that suit each person.

No more lateness, or stress from time blocks. The focus, instead is on efficiency in shipping work to be reviewed and engaged with. Your workrevolves around a series of project deadlines, asynchronously reviewed by your team.

Take a slow morning… it’s night in Tokyo and Australia won’t be online for a few hours.


Decentralization gives power back to the individual: 

One size fits all comes from a system of limited choices. When you give people the power to create their own, each person has control of how the objects, systems, and accessories in their lives function.

As we head into the future, your creative input and abilities will only become increasingly important.

 Idea exchanges and communities will build each other up by lending their skills to a network. We’d like to think that DTS is assisting in the transfer from the knowledge economy to the creative economy. Supplying the tools to build and sell your projects for the new economy.


Are you seeing these changes? What else is next…?

-Death to Stock


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