The Font

35mm, A Death to Stock Font

Teaming up with Tyler Thorney of Jackrabbit Creative, we wanted to create a font that was easily usable and flexible, but with a hand crafted feel. The font is reminiscent of the typefaces that were used on old Rolleiflex cameras of the 1930s, and inspired by the history of 35mm film. The font pays homage to it’s creation and proliferation.


Welcome 35mm, a Death to Stock font for adding a touch of hand-made to your work.

Created by Edison himself, 70mm was split in half and became 35mm, the first film built for the masses. We take for granted how easy it is for us all to partake in photography today.

You mean we couldn’t always use Instagram?? It wasn’t until the 35mm was introduced that all of us actually had access to the technology of photography.




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