Bloom On
By: Corina Nika


Hi everyone, it’s Corina from Cocorrina. I’m super excited to be a regular featured poster on the Death to Stock blog!

You can catch me here once a month with goodies galore to share with you; like downloads, prints, desktop wallpapers, and many more cute things! 

About today’s images: 


My husband and I recently moved in to a lovely new house with a garden. Our very first project was to add flowers! We’ve got peonies, roses (even black ones!), and a few other ones I don’t even know the name of. As Spring steps in, I’m eagerly waiting for them to bloom, and you cannot imagine my excitement when I saw the first calla lilies pop up. 

There’s something so therapeutic about gardening – from tending, to sitting back and watching the growth process, and the love and patience you need to give to your flowers. As I’m always seeking for new ways to capture my surroundings, I decided to scan the first blooms. 

It was a hilarious process, with blankets over my scanner to capture the black shadows, and making a mess with the wet lilies on the glass. 

I’m hoping this print will inspire you to start seeing things differently, think in a creative and unique way, and bloom on with your inspiration!


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Corina is a designer, hand letterer, and blogger
based in Kefalonia Greece.